The trend of ATVs
The trend of ATVs
Although today's automotive technology has been developed to a very high level, there’s still a great space for development in all terrain vehicle and side by side  technology.In order to make ATV/side by side suitable for a variety of different pavement.Whether military or civilian market also has a great demand. With the global natural disasters occur frequently , the demand for all terrain vehicle is also rising. Linhai is facing with greater challenges.From a global point of view, all terrain vehicle future development showing that some trend:

A)large displacement: With consumers seek strong stimulation,their requirements for engine power have exigent.
B) Electronic: The electronic equipment is being used more and more, such as EFI system, GPS etc...
C)Lightweight : Put higher forward requirements for sports, such as frame structure optimization, reduce weight
D) safety: the main way is to increase protective measures for children when they use the vehicle. To reduce the dangerous,and ensuer the entertainment at the same time.
E) environmental protection: Not only in addition to the emission and noise,but put forward for the determination of lead content and heavy metals.

The export of ATVs/side by side will continue to grow as two digits, Especially the needs of the region in USA , will continue to rise. As exports is growing, the supplier will actively expand production and supply capacity, promote manufacturing equipment and technology and the introduction of quality control system. The development of more and more of the all terrain vehicle high-end quality products will continue to emerge, the brand manufacturers will be committed to the development of 400ml more practical of all terrain vehicle. Heavy duty large displacement of the all terrain vehicle industry restructuring, will make the task of all terrain vehicle application design and related work, and not just for entertainment and leisure.

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