Linhai atv700 dicplacement:694.6cc,single cylinder,4-valve,4stroke,water cooling,sohc;max power:40.8hp.suspension: Double a-arm independent ,double suspension;2wd-4wd electronic switch;fuel tank capacity:16l;clearance:250mm 

LINHAI ATV700 comes with a winch, backrest for protect passenger, and LED lights, tow ball, hand protection, motor suspension. All of them come as standard device.
Designed by European team, Chinese factory first attending and win the honor of Third-position in Australia Safari ATV Racing. Bear 4000Km driving in 10 days in West Australia desert, you can imagine the challenge of this big guy faced.

In a word - it's more than a decent offer, especially at such an attractive price.
This is Linhai ATV700, the feeling beyond your imagination.

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