ATV maintenance tips and instructions



 ATV Maintenance Tips 

 In order to keep your ATV at its peak condition, there are few things that are necessary for people to pay attention to. It is very similar to maintain an ATV than a car. You have to replace the oil frequently, make sure the air filter is clean, check whether the nuts and bolts are damaged, maintain the correct tire pressure, and ensure that the handlebars are tight. By following these tips of ATV maintenance, it will provide your ATV a perfect performance.


1. Check/replace the oil. ATVs, like all other vehicles, require regular inspections. However, ATV consumes less fuel than any other vehicle. According to your owner's manual, you can learn what type of oil and how much oil is most suitable for your ATV. Make sure to check ATV maintenance and inspection on your oil regularly.
2.Check the air filter. We recommend checking, cleaning and finally replacing the old air filter at regular intervals. This will ensure the cleanliness and fluidity of the air.
3.Check the nuts and bolts. This is an important damage prevention that the nuts and bolts on the ATV are easy to loosen during transportation or mass use. This may cause damage to the parts. Check the nuts and bolts before each ride; ATV maintenance can save you a lot of time and frustration.
4.Keep the tire pressure. Even if the tire is just slightly flat, you will have a huge differences of sensory experience when you ride an ATV. Use a pressure gauge to record the tire pressure and try to keep a portable tire pump handy so that you can always keep the tire at the optimum inflation level.
5.Check and re-glue the handle. After a long bumpy ride, your handlebars are easy to get loose. Make sure to check the stability of the handle before each ride. This will give you good control while driving and provide you with a safer driving experience.


Post time: Nov-01-2022
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